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Your partner for organic products

Just like you, your customers believe that the environment should be treated with respect and that nature is important. You can tell that from what they buy for creating and maintaining their gardens. Pure has responded to this need for sustainable products by bringing to the market a convenient range of entirely organic nutrients, granular fertiliser and potting soils. Our products are pack- aged in eye-catching purple bottles with free measuring jug and re-sealable bags. Your customers will not pass by the shelves of Pure products without stopping to take a look.
Pure has more than 20 years of experience in producing sustainable fertilisers for the agricultural and horticultural sectors. The extensive knowledge we have gained in this field has now been applied for the benefit of the consumer. Buying in Pure products is also beneficial for you, the retailer, because we only supply consis- tently high-quality products at very competitive prices that allow you to achieve a high profit margin. And because we control the entire production process, we can also guarantee you short and flexible delivery times.

Who is Pure?

The name Pure is fairly new on a shop level but our knowledge of the sector is certainly not. For more than 20 years, Pure has been developing and supplying organic fertilisers, plant protec- tion products and soil improvers for Agriculture & Horticulture, Landscaping and Sport & Golf sectors. Every day, our innovative organic products find their way to satisfied users throughout the world.

Trusted and certified

The Pure fertilisers, plant protection products and soil improvers comply with EU regulations 889/2008 and 2003/2003 and are audited by the Control Union. All products are provided with a detailed test report which is prepared by independent laboratories and research institutes. Many of the fertilisers are RHP-certified. Consequently, you can rest assured that Pure always supplies safe, organic and consistently high-quality fertilisers.

Development and innovation

Pure doesn’t just have a good reputation as a producer. It is also a recognised knowledge company. The knowledge that the company has amassed in house is gladly shared with clients, scientific institutions and other partners. And this knowledge is of course also used for developing new products. After all, Pure offers the most effective and sustainable solution for every situation.

Pure supports you, the retailer

To be able to serve your customer even better, Pure supports you with:

  • Brochures, growing instructions and gardening tips.
  • A clear, informative website.
  • Eye-catching advertising campaigns and advertisements.
  • Giveaways and samples.


Sustainable, environmentally-friendly products

Pure organic nutrition looks after the plant in an environmentally-friendly way. In addition to normal nutrients in the form of fertiliser, each bottle also contains a selection of plant strength- ening and care ingredients - all straight from nature. For example, we add algae extracts to improve disease resistance and amino acids for stable growth. Pure liquid nutrition is available in five variations.

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